Our Future Activities


Our Future Activities

  1. Sample Survey Work-

    In the Scientific Session of the 4th State Conference of the Association held in January 21, 2010 the current status of DOTS programme in Bihar was discussed and the following points were identified for future courses of action:

    1. To improve the quality and efficiency of DOTS Centres and to ensure regular supply of drugs at the Centres.
    2. There should be one sophisticated lab in each Block and Reference libratory in the State capital with trained manpower.
    3. A mechanism should be developed to collect and store the data of all TB cases along with the result of treatment for future programming.

    The Association has decided to conduct sample survey work in selected part of urban, semi-urban and rural areas to ascertain current status of TB cases as well as treatment result. The survey work is being conducted in Vaishali and Dhanarua. The date will be placed in the Scientific Session of the National Conference for its scrutiny and recommendation to the Government.

  2. National Conference on Tuberculosis & Chest Diseases – 2012

      The Bihar Tuberculosis Association is going to host the 67th national Conference on Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases (NATCON-2012) at Patna on 8-10 February, 2013.

      Holding National Conference of Tuberculosis workers every year, generally in a state capital, on rotation basic, is an important activity of the Tuberculosis Association of India. It helps in updating their scientific knowledge and provide a platform for the researchers to interact and share their views and experience.

      It will be appreciated if you can participate as well as kindly bring this culture to the notice of all TB and Chest Diseases workers with you and in your area.

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