National TB Association


National TB Association

In India, anti-TB movement has witnessed sincere involvement and dedication of Tuberculosis Association both at central and state levels. The establishment of TB Associations took place prior to the Independence, when Lady Linlithgow (wife of the then Viceroy of India) after an appraisal of the tuberculosis problem in the country, expressed the opinion that of all the evils which afflicted India, tuberculosis was one serious problem which most needed attention. Ultimately, she issued an appeal for funds to establish an Anti-Tuberculosis Association in India. Thus the Tuberculosis Association of India was established in Delhi as a voluntary organistaion, and was registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860 on February 23, 1939. The Tuberculosis Association of India thus, virtually started working as the national leader organization for the anti-tuberculosis movement and gradually State TB Associations were formed and were affiliated to the Tuberculosis Association of India.

The President of India is its patron. Its main objectives are prevention, control, treatment and relief from TB. It is dedicated to the promotion of health awareness among masses regarding tuberculosis.

Chairman, BTA, Shri U. N. Vidyarthi Presenting Book on TB Published by the BAT to Q. D. Bhounsiele & The Association brings health education material like leaflets, flip charts, scrolls, panels & films etc. that are devoted to bringing about awareness on the problems of TB, its prevention & cure. It has been doing meaningful, useful and commendable anti-tuberculosis work in the country for the past seven decades, and thereby supplementing and complementing the efforts of the Government in their National Tuberculosis Control Programme.(55th TB Seal Inaugural Function held at Rashtrapati Bhawan on 2nd Oct. -2004)

The general management of the affairs of the Association is vested in and rests with the Central Comitee, who acts as the Governing Body of the Association. the Central Comitee includes among others, the following:-

  • Patron - H.E. The President of India
  • President - Dr. S. P. Agarwal
  • Chairman - Dr. Jagdish Prasad, D.G.H.S.
  • Vice-Chairman - Dr.  J. N. Banavaliker
  • Honorary Treasurer - Shri M. P. Gupta
  • Hon. Legal Advisor - Shri A. K. Jain
  • Secretary General - Sri Tejinder Ahluwalia

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