The Bihar Tuberculosis Association was established as a voluntary organization and was affiliated to the Tuberculosis Association of India as far back as on 10th March, 1941. Later on District TB Association were also formed in almost all the districts of the State, which were in turn taken over by Govt. of Bihar and now those are functioning as Dist. TB Centers under State Health Services. In 1976 the Constitution of the Association was revised and a model Constitution was adopted, which was registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860 bearing Registration No. 81 of 1976-77.

The Governor of Bihar is its patron. Its main objectives are prevention, control, treatment and relief from TB. It is dedicated to the promotion of health awareness on tuberculosis. The Association brings health education material like leaflets, flip charts, scrolls, panels & films, etc. that are devoted to bringing about awareness on the problems of TB, its prevention & cure. It is also bringing out a tri-monthly Newsletter "Yakshma Samachar" in Hindi, which helps in creating mass awarness on the issue. It has been doing meaningful, useful and commendable anti-tuberculosis work in the state.

Startling Facts

India accounts for nearly one third of the global T.B. burden, with two million new cases annually and 450,000 deaths.

An Appeal

The Association depends entirely on public support in this humanitarian noble work. The Bihar Tuberculosis Association is convince that the main reason for lack of success in controlling TB is inadequate awareness about the disease in the common man. Therefore, we are focusing our attention on health education to create proper awareness about TB and to remove misconception and superstitious believes. All these activities involve heavy expenditure and need the generous contribution from individuals and institutions.

We are therefore approaching you for a generous contribution to a noble cause. Your kind contribution will help furthering this cause. Kindly mail your cheque and send your contribution to The Bihar Tuberculosis Association, Abedine House, 1st Floor, North Wing, Fraser Road, Patna - 800001

Donation given to the Bihar Tuberculosis Association are exempted from Income-tax under Section 80-G of the Income Tax Act 1961.

The Association is registered under section 6 (1) of the Foreign Contrubution (Regulation) Act 1976, bearing Regd. No. 031170191 Dated - 17 Oct. 2001.